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Global Credit Solutions (Worldwide)

Global Credit Solutions (Worldwide) was founded in Australia in the 1970s. Global Credit Solutions (GCS) India today is one of the leading credit, collection & risk management enterprise. With a team of more than 4,000 trained specialists located in over 97 countries, the group has the expertise and international resources to deliver strategic business information and protect their clients from financial risks. The success of GCS comes from its unique business model, consisting of an exclusive network of active Partner offices, physically located in over 97 countries. This worldwide network of GCS specialists understands legal requirements, monetary and language issues arising from a diversity of cultures, which otherwise could hinder off-shore business transactions in today’s global marketplace.

What do world leading businesses rely on GCS for?

GCS India expertise
  • In-depth understanding of the debt collection/ recovery process appropriate in India.
  • Exceptional know how of the local laws & business dynamics across India.
  • Pan India professional manpower deployment.
  • Proficiency in skip tracing.
  • Focus on reinstatement of strained client-debtor relationship with due counseling, thereby ensuring business continuity.
  • Ethical, Systematic and Rational approach for enhanced success, even for complex cases.
  • Strategic follow ups, timely escalations & educating the ignorant defaulters for criminal/ civil breach & implications.
  • Leader in professionalism & success rates
  • Detailed, Comprehensive, Custom Made online status reports

Credit Management:
  • Debt Collection - Commercial & Consumer
  • Skip Tracing & Field Services
  • Credit Reports
  • Business Information
  • Consulting | Advisory

Risk Management:
  • KYC | KYS
  • KYE (Pre-employment)
  • Due Diligence
  • Investigations - Background - Fraud - IPR | Brand Protection
  • Consulting | Advisory

“GCS has built a reputation for excellence in global investigations.”

Risk Services: India


GCS has the resources to conduct International investigations on your behalf to locate assets, research copyright infringements, perform security audits and research mergers & acquisitions. All investigations are performed discreetly with attention to detail to meet your needs.

- Background

If you are considering purchasing a company, contemplating a business merger or hiring a key executive, an in-depth background investigation will help protect your investment and mitigate your risk.

- Fraud

Advances in technology has seen a significant rise in fraudulant activity. If you suspect criminal or civil wrongdoing, such as a scam, GCS can help protect your company and investigate cases where fraud is suspected.

- IPR | Brand Protection

With increasing intellectual property right abuses, companies turn to GCS for IPR and Brand Protection. Our International team of experts have the resources to perform undercover operations, provide technical & physical surveillance, interact with customs officials and perform other related necessary investigations.

Consulting | Advisory

GCS has led the way in the extension of Credit and Risk Management Consultancy into all areas of operations, such as R&D, sales and marketing, production and procurement. GCS can provide you with a detailed assessment of you or your clients exposure to risk.

“GCS is the world’s leading credit, collection and risk management enterprise. More than 100 offices in over 97 countries.”


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